I have been published across a number of print and web-only publications, including The Hindu, Architectural Digest, Buzzfeed, PopXO, Outlook (Web), and more. Here’s a list.


Rupee Rani – I currently write a column in the TheNewsMinute titled “Rupee Rani” where I write about Personal Finance for women.

Urban Ladder

Epic Furniture Ideas – Collaborated with the very cool people at Urban Ladder for a newsletter that highlighted a selection of literally epic furniture from their site.

BuzzFeed Essays 

The Accidental Privilege Of Being A Young Girl In Amma’s Chennai – On why J Jayalalithaa’s death means so much more than just a politician’s passing to the women of Chennai.

Conde Nast Traveller, India

Jüsta Design Hotels – A short feature on Jüsta Design Hotels, Chennai’s newest Boutique hotel in the most unexpected location.

Architectural Digest, India :

Artisan’s Atelier – A feature for Architectural Digest India on Vastrakala, the embroidery house founded Frenchman Jean-Francois Lesage and his partners, and how it is living up to it’s Indian and French origins.

The Hindu:

The Hindu thREAD: I am contributor with The Hindu’s web-only offering, thREAD. You can read my posts, here.

Spoiler Alert: I republish/cross-post my column, “Spoiler Alert”, where I discuss and review Television, on my website. You can check it out, here.

The Dummies’ Guide To Demonetization: The basics of demonetization, explained.

How Kabali Became Cost-Effective: A piece on Applebox, India’s first and only cloud accounting software designed specifically for film production

A Sweet Parisian Trail: My picks for the best places to get dessert in Paris.

Jaitley Delivers It Sweet And Sour: A bird’s eye view of Union Budget 2016, and what it means for the common man.

Waiter, There’s a Fly in My Bill! – An overview of taxes and charges that you pay in restaurants in Chennai.

A Beginner’s Guide To Income Tax – A basic primer on filing your Income Tax Returns

Tweet, Tweet! – On how Twitter is fast becoming the preferred mode of communication for Gen-Now

The New Address For Shopping – On how Facebook is changing e-commerce

Chasing Dreams – On young people opting for off-beat careers

The Social Experiment – Thoughts on staying away from Twitter for a week

A Ghost in Every Page – Reviewed Jonathan Stroud’s newest book, “The Screaming Staircase”


Elle India:

25 Summer Reads – Twenty five judgement free reads for the summer, picked out by yours truly.

I had also curated the Chennai part of their “Hip City Guide” for August 2013.


India Today

Art Beats – I covered Ashvita and Forum Art Gallery

Temple Jewellery Returns – On how traditional temple jewellery has made a comeback


Outlook (web)

Band Baaja Bridezilla – It’s all about wanting to celebrate two individuals who want to spend their lives together, right? Wrong.



I’ve been a contributor for Buzzfeed with a special focus on South Indian Pop-Culture. You can read what I’ve written for them, here.



I’ve been a ‘lifestyle’ contributor for PopXO, India’s leading platform for women. You can read what I’ve written for them, here.


Goli Soda Blog

I blog about everyday sustainability for Goli Soda. You can check out my posts, here.