Five Podcasts I Love

So I’ve been listening to a lot of podcasts lately, to the point where I wrote about them for The Hindu THread. As an addendum, I just thought that I’d list down five podcasts I’ve been listening to recently, and wouldn’t hesitate to recommend.


  • TED Radio Hour – The TED Radio hour ties together TED talks which have similar context and puts them together. I wasn’t very drawn to this podcast at first because it just felt too science-y (not a word but should be) for me, but now, I’m a total convert. The TED radio hour is super informative without being boring. Notable episode: The Unknown Brain 


  • Modern Love Podcast: The Modern Love Podcast, which is by The New York Times is essentially essays read out loud, either by the author themselves, or actors. The essays are usually a little old, in the sense that they’ve been published a few years before, but that’s actually to facilitate the “Where are they now?” section of the podcast which follows the reading. Some of the stories are really emotional, so if you’re very sensitive, or having imbalanced PMS hormones, prepare for tears. Notable episode: Maddy might just work after all, by Jennifer Finney Boylan
  • The Simblified Podcast: Probably the only desi podcast I listen to (although I really should listen to more), Simblified has super-bloggers Chuck Gopal & Narendra Shenoy break down complex concepts and relevant issues which we (ok, I) usually tend to skip in the papers. Lots of fun, incredibly relevant, and might even make you a better person. You’ve been warned. Notable episode: Of Stock Market & Lollipops
Would also greatly appreciate podcast recommendations, so fire away! 

April Fool

I know there’s been a complete lack of updates this month, and trust me, it hurts me more than it’d ever hurt you guys! The truth is, I’m not married. And I haven’t found a new boyfriend either (believe me, I’d have had PLENTY to write about if either of the two had happened). Point being, all out of ideas. My mother always says that making lists will help you get ideas. So I thought I’d make a list of things I could possibly write about.
My career – I just signed an agreement with Mukesh Ambani for offering my services in the area of financial reconstruction, strategy and general awesomeness for his company, after which Mukesh invited me to his place for dinner and made a rather sentimental toast. Something silly about how his company didn’t really deserve a guy like him and that I ought to be at the helm. I laughed it off, gracefully. (Contentment is important to me. In fact, that’s what I told Indra Nooyi too last week, when she asked me if I was interested in taking up the CEO position of PepsiCo.) And when Mukesh was about to give me the keys to the new Audi he had bought me as a token of gratitude, Tea-Anna asked me if I wanted Coffee. I said yes, and made a mental note to ask him for his name the next time, instead of sleeping. Again.
My lovelife – So Dhoni came up to me the other day….wait. You know how this is going to end, right? Yea. Next.
My Education – I’m becoming a graduate this year! I’ll have my B.Com final year exams at the end of May, after which the University of Madras should declare me to be a graduate. The convocation ceremony will basically consist of the Courier Boy giving me my certificate while my parents look upon with tears of joy.
Miscellaneous – I saw Vinnaithaandi Varuvaaya. I liked it. No really – not only does Simbhu look like an actual human being, he’s acted pretty well too. It’s very watchable, and very romantic 🙂
Also, I managed to get my hands on some extremely awesome stuff the other day, namely Vadivelu ringtones. My life seems complete everytime my phone rings and I hear him go “Yenna idhu vaaliba vayasu”.
Pah, for this mokka post I might as well have said I got married. So here’s a question – is there anything that you guys might want me to write about? No really, I’m going through some Matthew Hayden-esque slump in form and was hoping that maybe, maybe you guys’d have an idea. Or two.