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How Pinteresting Really – DIY Edition

If you’re an avid Pinterest user, like I am, you’d know that that place is essentially, internet quicksand. If you aren’t a Pinterest user, I do recommend you get on the platform, because in my opinion it’s the best social network that’s out there, primarily because you get to be with a group of people but don’t have to talk to anyone. It’s genius. Anyway, I was snooping around the website yesterday when I realized that I had clocked roughly 6,200 pins on my profile – this may sound like a feat, but it really isn’t – if anything, it’s an indicator of the massive amount of productive hours I’ve wasted on that website. ANYWAY, so I checked through my boards to see what exactly I’ve been pinning all these years, and even after deducting the 1300 odd jokes and memes I’d posted on my boards, I still had 4900 bookmarks that were either full of wisdom on how to improve myself in a variety of avenues, or stuff I wanted – which brings me to this post.

I have been bookmarking internet wisdom for as long as I can remember but my following up skills after bookmarking have been non-existent – probably because when I actually want to try something it ends up being beyond the reach of my skill sets. HOWEVER, I thought I’d share 5 pins here from my Do-It-Yourself board (you know, stuff that you can buy for like Rs. 10/- but you’d rather spend Rs. 500/- on buying craft supplies to make them. Those) which I have tried, and they’ve worked for me so basically they’re idiot proof.

DIY Jewelry Organizer




What I made:

Notes: I’m always forgetting what necklaces I have and never really end up wearing anything when I go out, so the idea of having a display where I could see everything was something I immediately got on board with. Ideally I ought to have hunted down a vintage frame and then put hooks in it, but let’s get real no one has the time for that, so instead I used a cork board and push pins to create a hanging necklace display. Now I get to see what I have every morning and continue to not wear anything.

DIY Lip Scrub


lip scrub


What I made:
2 Tablespoons of Sugar with One Tablespoon Coconut Oil later…

DIY lip scrub, cheap lip scrub, organic lip scrub, lip scrub at home, easy DIY beauty, pinterest inspired

Notes: So when Lush (the UK bath and beauty brand) first opened in India, one of the first products I tried and loved was their Bubblegum Lip Scrub. It was about Rs. 550-600 then, and me being the selective alpam that I am, passed on buying it despite the fact that my lips get drier than the articles in the Chartered Accountant’s Journal. So I made this a few weeks ago, and I am happy to report that apart from the fact that making this is ridonculously easy, it tastes better than any store-bought lip scrub because it includes the taste of money saved (which you can waste on other things)

Bookshelf Arrangement


book shelf organization, how to organize book shelf, bookshelfie, book shelf inspiration



What I made:
book shelf organization, how to organize book shelf, bookshelfie, book shelf inspiration

Notes: I left the bulk of my bookshelf back home when I moved in with Suhrith, so organizing my bookshelves in my new place was a far easier task than it would have been with my original shelves back home (it is pointless to even try it there). Even then, I’d always found my bookshelf a little bleh, so I took the tip of adding ‘accents’ (stuff you wouldn’t normally put in a bookshelf) from Pinterest, and now look – so pretty! I’m also glad to report that I’ve maintained my bookshelf’s neatness by buying new books only in the Kindle.

Lit-up Bookshelf


fairy lights

What I made:fairy lights shelf, fairy lights book shelf, room inspiration

Notes: SO, I bought two packs of these warm white LED fairy lights online one sleepless night on Amazon, and realized that I had to do something with them. I ended up spending another sleepless night on Pinterest trying to figure the ways to use them, and one of them was to tape it around my bookshelf, and then I used the second pack as night lights behind my curtains, also Pinterest inspired. Currently neither are in place, because a few months after, we got a puppy and she chewed up all the wires 🙁

Origami Decoration


origami pin


What I made:

origami corner

Notes: This  is probably my favourite Pinterest thing of the lot. Making the crane isn’t easy on first go,and there’s a chance you might tear up some paper out of frustration trying to figure out the petal fold (I did) but the more you practice, the easier it becomes. Basically, I made cranes, and taped them to the bottom of my shelf with white thread. I’ve added three more cranes from the time I took this photo, and it really is the happiest corner in my study.

SO, 200 DIY pins later, I managed to like, do 5. Have you had any success with Pinterest things? Let me know if you’d like more me/idiot-proof pins and I’ll be sure to post them here!

A Short Post

Confession: The first thing I thought of when I opened the “Post” page to talk about my birthday, was to write a “26 Things You Learn When You’re 26” listicle – it’s become a bit of a disease. Anyway, I started this post out thinking I’ll dole out age based advice, but I’m not going to because there’s enough on this blog already.

I know you don’t particularly care to know, but I insist on informing you that I am doing well. Job’s going well, I’ve been getting some nice writing assignments, I’m yet to give up on anything good this year, I’ve been giving some time for hobbies, and of course, I’m still getting sly tweeted about, which as we all know, is one of the greatest barometers of success in 2015.

I’m working on a pretty exciting project right now, which I’ll tell you guys about, soon-ish. Also, if you’re one of the grand total of five people who enjoy The Daily Dinosaur, great news! It’s up and running again. I hope you’re having a good weekend!

5 reasons why it’s probably a good idea to deactivate your facebook account

5. Because everyone else is having a better time than you are
The home feed is a constant source of depression. Everyone else is going to more exotic places than you are, getting haircuts that are better than yours and of course, partying. There are DJs, there are shiny dance floors, multicolored drinks, hazy pictures of too much fun had and of course, that invisible, but strong reminder that the last “party” I went to involved a 6 year old cutting cake and Winnie the Pooh. On the bright side, I did get a picture with Winnie the Pooh.
4. Because Facebook knows all the people you never liked in School and wants you to be friends with them. 
For the last time, I don’t want to add R.Srivatsan who was my bench-partner in V-B for 4 days as a friend. Especially because he changed schools right after stealing my brand new Hero pen. That pretty much sealed the end of our friendship right there. Also.
3. Because Facebook is not a pleasant place when you’re academically incompetent (Like me)
Just when you come on to Facebook to get your mind off your exam results, the first story on your feed is some moron with an AATHA! NA PASS AAYITEN!* status. There is obviously something wrong with the system.
2. Because Facebook loves to remind you that you’re not getting any younger
If your friends aren’t getting married, they’re probably having babies, that kid who used to take “how to play with Barbie” lessons from you is celebrating the 6 month anniversary with her second boyfriend and apparently, 18 ’til I die is just a song.
1. Because Facebook is the new TamilMatrimony
The other day, my mother was on the phone with an aunt, and the subject of discussion was the ongoing “looking” process for a cousin. Apparently the Aunt had mentioned something about how they had got a “good match” but had no clue about how said match looked like, for which my mother immediately remarked – “Pera sollungo! Facebook-la paakalaam!” (Just say the name! We’ll find him on Facebook!).

Deactivate button, anyone?

[Based on conversation with the erstwhile @idlingintopgear]

* – Roughly translates to “MOMMY! I HAVE BECOME PASS!”

Leadership, and such.

His name was Subramani (name changed to protect author from getting punched). He would come to school every morning with a great deal of vibhoothi plastered on his abnormally large forehead. By the end of the day, the vibhoothi would have spread all over his face, making him look like he had just used the compact from hell. We called him Powder Subramani – not very creative but then again, we were only 7 years old and our nicknaming skills weren’t exactly the sharpest. I think the best we did back then was Bajji Gomathi. Heh. Gomathi basically had too many molaga bajjis in the canteen and…I digress.

This post is not about Bajji Gomathi’s digestion problems.

Powder Subramani loved discipline. He was probably the only person in II C to have always brought books as per the time table. His walk had discipline. His speech may not have had grammar, but it had discipline. Even the way he ate rasam rice had discipline. It was no surprise that the teacher picked him to be class leader.
Subramani rose to the occasion, and how! Nobody could escape his sight, his 4 inch thick viewing apparatus (commonly referred to as soda buddi) made sure everyone in the perimeter was in his line of control. Even Badboy Naveen was quieter. It was almost as if class II ‘C’ had reformed.


It was a Wednesday, I think, or a Thursday. I don’t remember. Our science teacher was absent, which meant Powder Subramani would be on vigil for a full forty minutes. The class was mostly quiet, except for Badboy Naveen who was singing the Su-Su song (I don’t remember the lyrics but it had a lot of Su-Sus). His name was the first one on the “Bad Names” list, not to mention it had an underline and “100 ticks” which was cleverly added by Subramani to save the trouble of actually putting a 100 ticks.
See, when we were in 2nd standard (or even the 3rd, 4th, 5th, and the first term of 6th standard for that matter), the role of the class leader was well defined. He would be the guy who would write “Names” (The visionary that Powder Subramani was, he even innovated and came up with 2 lists – “Good Names” and “Bad Names”) on the board, which was essentially the list of people who were up to no good in the class (or in Subramani’s case, the list of people who were breathing a little too loudly) which would be passed on to the teacher who would decide upon a suitable punishment, like extra Moral Science classes.

Where were we?

That afternoon.
The Su-Su song.
Bad Names.
Now, in the middle of all this, there I was minding my own business when my pencil rolled off my desk and onto the floor. So I went to retrieve it, and in the process knocked down a couple of books from the adjacent desks as well (I wasn’t a big fan of poise. Especially not poise like Subramani).
When I fianlly came back to my desk, below Badboy Naveen’s name THERE WAS MINE.

I was appalled. My name was a Bad Name – which was somewhat WTF really, because my name is really nice and I’m sure my Grandfather knew much more than Powder Subramani when he named me.

Heated negotiations ensued.

“Ei, Subramani. Take my name off. I am quiet only”
“Ei, you are making noise”
“No I’m not. Take my name off.”
“No! You are not being quiet”
“Stupppid. I am quiet. Take my name off”

I had called the class leader stupppid. You can imagine what an Epic Badass I was, even back then.

“I am not stupppid. You are only stupppid”
“No I’m not”
“Stuppppid stupppid stupppppid” he said, with so much fervour that the first bench was full of his DNA samples.

At that very precise moment, as if by divine intervention, our class teacher walked in.

“Yes Miss”
“Did you just call this girl stupid?”
“Yes miss…no! no miss”
“I heard you! You tell me ma, did he call you stupid?”
“Yes Miss” I sniffed (for some extra effect)
“There will be no name call in my class”
“But Miss!” protested Subramani. “That girl was not shut-upping!”
“Enough! From tomorrow, she’ll be the class leader.”

It was too much for poor Powder Subramani to handle. He never spoke to me the entire year, and the next year, and the next year, and well, never. Clearly, he took IInd standard leadership a little too seriously. We had spent nearly 12 years without talking to each other.

Yesterday, Powder Subramani added me on facebook. My life has finally come full circle.


Surely you’ve been tagged in one of those group pictures on facebook now? You know that picture, the one with a bunch of cartoon faces with titles like “little miss psycho” and the lot. Well, not little miss psycho maybe, but you get my drift.

Its actually pretty interesting, the tagging. But somehow, it doesn’t represent the clique/stereotype sets from where I come from.I never went to school with gangstas, pimps and ladies men.

I went to school, with these guys.

Bet you did, too.

Stop! Or my mom will Superpoke™!

A couple of weeks back, Amma casually sat next to me, near the computer. The moment I saw her “casual” (read: I will now spy on my daughter’s apparently shady activities on the internet) look, I switched the browser tab from Facebook to a random photoshop tutorial, a conditioned reflex. But unfortunately, my mother has the eyesight of a rabbit on carrot steroids.
“Facebook a?”
“Yes ma, Facebook”
“I read about it in the newspaper. Why do you always close your facebook when I come nearby?”
Illa ma, I was done with it, so I closed”
Anikki, I heard Devi talking about it, she’s on facebook la?”
The “Devi” in question was one of my mom’s hipper friends from the school’s aunty circuit. She’d watch The OC, could find her way about the internet without having her daughter dictate instructions over the phone (unlike my mother) and the lot. So when the friend request came from her, I was not sure of accepting it, because that way, my not-so “chamathu” friends circle would be exposed. However, I did accept, thank the lord for limited profile access.

“I want that facebook”
“Create one for me, facebook. Adhaan nee onnume pannaliye, edhukku moonju kaatara?”

(Roughly translates to You don’t do anything in it right, whats the face for?) My mother is the Chuck Norris of the household. She can make things happen with just one of her stares. And if she wants to, she can swear in a way that would make a sailor blush. Arguing with her was something I never did. If she asked me to do something I didn’t want to do, I’d say yes and go to another room. But I literally had no room to get myself out of this situation. I could actually picture her facebook profile. Brrr.
“Unwanted ma”
“I know whats unwanted and whats wanted. I am your mother. Go to that website, now.”

There are these times when you desperately hope that there is a God out there, and that he’s actually watching your petty life. This was one such time. I bit my tongue and looked at the ceiling, as if he would break through the walls and stand before me. I opened one of my slower browsers, and instead of God, Mr.Murphy made an appearance and you guessed it, IE popped on thew screen in a flash. Amma gave me a triumphant smile, as if she was born for this.
F, i typed. A-C-E-B-O-O-K and the miracle happened – The phone rang and (hallelujah!) it was for Amma. The moment she stood up, I shut the system down and half sprinted to the kitchen for temporary sanctuary.
That night, when she gave me dinner, she had that look on that face. “One of these days paaru…One of these days” she said.

While I gave her my that-day-can-wait smile, deep down inside, I knew the phone call was no coincidence. God had rescued me because he too, had seen what I saw. Amma’s potential profile.