Month: August 2016

How Pinteresting Really – DIY Edition

If you’re an avid Pinterest user, like I am, you’d know that that place is essentially, internet quicksand. If you aren’t a Pinterest user, I do recommend you get on the platform, because in my opinion it’s the best social network that’s out there, primarily because you get to be with a group of people but don’t have to talk to anyone. It’s genius. Anyway, I was snooping around the website yesterday when I realized that I had clocked roughly 6,200 pins on my profile – this may sound like a feat, but it really isn’t – if anything, it’s an indicator of the massive amount of productive hours I’ve wasted on that website. ANYWAY, so I checked through my boards to see what exactly I’ve been pinning all these years, and even after deducting the 1300 odd jokes and memes I’d posted on my boards, I still had 4900 bookmarks that were either full of wisdom on how to improve myself in a variety of avenues, or stuff I wanted – which brings me to this post.

I have been bookmarking internet wisdom for as long as I can remember but my following up skills after bookmarking have been non-existent – probably because when I actually want to try something it ends up being beyond the reach of my skill sets. HOWEVER, I thought I’d share 5 pins here from my Do-It-Yourself board (you know, stuff that you can buy for like Rs. 10/- but you’d rather spend Rs. 500/- on buying craft supplies to make them. Those) which I have tried, and they’ve worked for me so basically they’re idiot proof.

DIY Jewelry Organizer




What I made:

Notes: I’m always forgetting what necklaces I have and never really end up wearing anything when I go out, so the idea of having a display where I could see everything was something I immediately got on board with. Ideally I ought to have hunted down a vintage frame and then put hooks in it, but let’s get real no one has the time for that, so instead I used a cork board and push pins to create a hanging necklace display. Now I get to see what I have every morning and continue to not wear anything.

DIY Lip Scrub


lip scrub


What I made:
2 Tablespoons of Sugar with One Tablespoon Coconut Oil later…

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Notes: So when Lush (the UK bath and beauty brand) first opened in India, one of the first products I tried and loved was their Bubblegum Lip Scrub. It was about Rs. 550-600 then, and me being the selective alpam that I am, passed on buying it despite the fact that my lips get drier than the articles in the Chartered Accountant’s Journal. So I made this a few weeks ago, and I am happy to report that apart from the fact that making this is ridonculously easy, it tastes better than any store-bought lip scrub because it includes the taste of money saved (which you can waste on other things)

Bookshelf Arrangement


book shelf organization, how to organize book shelf, bookshelfie, book shelf inspiration



What I made:
book shelf organization, how to organize book shelf, bookshelfie, book shelf inspiration

Notes: I left the bulk of my bookshelf back home when I moved in with Suhrith, so organizing my bookshelves in my new place was a far easier task than it would have been with my original shelves back home (it is pointless to even try it there). Even then, I’d always found my bookshelf a little bleh, so I took the tip of adding ‘accents’ (stuff you wouldn’t normally put in a bookshelf) from Pinterest, and now look – so pretty! I’m also glad to report that I’ve maintained my bookshelf’s neatness by buying new books only in the Kindle.

Lit-up Bookshelf


fairy lights

What I made:fairy lights shelf, fairy lights book shelf, room inspiration

Notes: SO, I bought two packs of these warm white LED fairy lights online one sleepless night on Amazon, and realized that I had to do something with them. I ended up spending another sleepless night on Pinterest trying to figure the ways to use them, and one of them was to tape it around my bookshelf, and then I used the second pack as night lights behind my curtains, also Pinterest inspired. Currently neither are in place, because a few months after, we got a puppy and she chewed up all the wires 🙁

Origami Decoration


origami pin


What I made:

origami corner

Notes: This  is probably my favourite Pinterest thing of the lot. Making the crane isn’t easy on first go,and there’s a chance you might tear up some paper out of frustration trying to figure out the petal fold (I did) but the more you practice, the easier it becomes. Basically, I made cranes, and taped them to the bottom of my shelf with white thread. I’ve added three more cranes from the time I took this photo, and it really is the happiest corner in my study.

SO, 200 DIY pins later, I managed to like, do 5. Have you had any success with Pinterest things? Let me know if you’d like more me/idiot-proof pins and I’ll be sure to post them here!

All New & Shiny!

So I racked up one million hits on my blog a month ago, and decided that there was no better time to junk everything and start afresh, so here I am. I finally made the move from blogger and its older-than-my-grandma interface and tools and switched over to WordPress, which is kind of like driving a Ferrari after nine years of struggling with a Maruti 800 (without power steering).

All my posts are intact, comments and all, and I even managed to create a separate page for my TV column (which, as I’ve just realised, I’ve been writing for a year now!), so hopefully, the new space inspires some more pointless thoughts.