We got a dog about nine months ago, a labrador we have named Fergie. She, among other things, has a unique appetite for books. I say this because paper doesn’t evoke consistent reactions from her. Sometimes she ignores it, sometimes, she’ll jump on you, pushing her paws on your legs to grab whatever you’re reading with her mouth and rip it to shreds (Chennai Times has consistently been at the receiving end of this), and sometimes she’ll take your book and scurry to her favourite spot in the living room, the divan, and leisurely have a go at the pages. Her choices in book destruction have made me believe that she’s a dog with great literary taste. Here are some of her recommendations:
Stephen King: On Writing
Stephen King’s indispensable and part autobiographical guide on writing, and writing well is a book you must read if you are a writer, or at least want to be a writer. Did I pick this book up because I have a writer inside me, or did I pick it up because of a fellow dog on the cover? I guess you’ll never know.
Vinod Mehta: Editor Unplugged
The first book I got my mouth on is Vinod Mehta’s Editor Unplugged, which offers an informative and hilarious account of the life of one of India’s greatest editors. I got through this with such enthusiasm that the humans at home had to buy a second copy to find out what the fuss was about.
Kazuo Ishiguro: Remains of The Day
Before I got to this book, I honestly had no idea that I had a taste for Booker Winners. All you need to know about how much I enjoyed Remains Of The Day is to see the remains of this book. The person typing this can’t say anything about the book though, because she didn’t get to read it. I wonder why.
Annie Zaidi: Love Stories #1 to #14
I love cheese, I’ve recently started loving sweet potatoes, I love yoghurt, but you know what I’ve always loved? Love. That’s why I loved this book full of love stories that are varied, and heavy with emotion. I also love that Annie was nice enough to autograph this for me. Thanks Annie. Have to say, you’ve pretty excellent taste, too.
{More Fergie Reviews as and when she destroys reads more books}