So the reason I’ve been completely absent from this space stems from a combination of guilt, and the absolute lack of ideas for content meant for the blog. The latter gives way to the former I suppose. It’s going to be close to a year since I posted anything original here as well, and that makes me feel bittersweet. Once upon a time, that was the dream – to be published so regularly that you didn’t have time for the blog. The thing about dreams, though, is the moment you get catch hold of one, or at least think you’ve caught hold of one, it changes inside the very hands you’ve trapped it in.

When I was around twenty (or was it twenty one?), I’d made this 25 things to do before 25 list. Looking back now, at the ripe old age of twenty seven, the list is plain silly, and at times reeks of desperation (one of the items on the list was “don’t be a virgin”). Here’s the thing though – with the exception of seeing New York City, I’ve ticked all the boxes, and in some cases I’ve done better than that list ever thought I would. This will tell you two things – the first being that twenty (one) year old me had zero creativity. The second, is that there really is no reason for me to sound as agitated as I do right now, after all, I’d scaled the mountain that I set my sights on when I was younger, did I not?

As it turns out, the mountain is a pedestrian platform and I’m actually a centipede.

Anyway, back to the blog – instead of reposting stuff that I’ve been writing for The Hindu, I’ve decided that instead, I will just go back to sharing mundanities from my life, like how sometime the last week when a director of a major sitcom told me that my review of his show was “nice”. Just Aaron Korsh guys, you know, the director of Suits, no big deal.

You can read the review he’s talking about, here