Month: August 2015

Stories For The Hindu

I’m now a full time contributor for The Hindu – basically, I’m still working as a CA in practice, but I’ll be writing for The Hindu exclusively. My content will be split into a column called “Spoiler Alert”, which will be about Television, and other stories of general interest. I’ve already got 4 stories published, which I’ll link here. In the future, I will be cross posting whatever I write for The Hindu on my blog as well, because why not. 

{Spoiler Alert}

{General Interest}

And to think my journey to here started from a blog! 15 year old me is FREAKING OUT right now. 

The Right Thing

Recently, I was faced with the rather unpleasant task of “doing the right thing”. It involved making a difficult phone call to someone I respected greatly and telling her that, contrary to everything that I had told her since that moment, I was no different from every other selfish, opportunistic ladder-climber she had encountered thus far. 
As an avid avoider of confrontation, this phone call not only took me a while to make, but also had me making several other phone calls to friends and family, seeking advice on what to do, and whether my idea of changing my name to Maria-Abdul Sivagnanam and starting a new life in Rameswaram was a good alternative solution. It so happened that despite the inherent genius in the Maria-Abdul idea, everyone I had asked told me to make the phone call as soon as I could. One of them went on to say “Don’t worry, it’ll be just like pulling out a bandaid, and it’ll be over before you know it.” 
This was comforting to me, because I’m a clumsy girl, and I’ve pulled a fair number of band aids out over the years. There is a slight twinge of pain, yes, but if I worked quickly, even that slight discomfort could be avoided. I went to the extent of hoping that it would be like one of those waterproof band aids which quietly slip off by themselves. 

I made the phone call half an hour later and by the end of it, the only thing that was on my mind was why “like taking a wax strip off” wasn’t a mainstream phrase yet, because that was what the entire experience felt like – excruciatingly painful, and although I knew that it was for the best and things would become smooth real soon, all I felt after I done was raw, stung, sensitive, and just really, really red. 

Me, everyday.