1. Done with my CA Final! I don’t know how I’ve done or what the result will be, but I’m prepared for anything. Even if I’m not going to make it, I don’t mind writing it again, because it’s like one step left for completion. My direct tax paper was godawful so I’m not ruling out flunking. I’m not too worried about either result though. But my parents aren’t too happy with my attitude – my mother told me that if I didn’t finish it soon (“soon” being when my results come), she’d get me married. But she’s only joking.

I think.

2. A favourite post exam ritual for Amma is to go around cleaning the house. We managed to stumble upon a bunch of old VCR tapes – including my parents’ wedding video and a couple of tapes of my birthdays from 1993 and 1994. Watching it with the family was a fun exercise for the first 10, 15 minutes, but the more we progressed, the more traumatic it got, with Amma looking at the video, then looking at me and wondering loudly as to what the bloody hell happened.

Sigh. I have absolutely no idea either.