Everyone wants to be everything these days. It is making me very angry. You want to be software engineer means you be software engineer. You want to be writer means you be writer. But what is this I want to be everything nonsense? 
You are software engineer but you open blog. As if that wasn’t enough you write one post, two post, three post about your love failure, your amma appa, 5th standard Lakshmi miss and all. Then you act like you are one Aravind Adiga and put comment on other peoples blogs also saying this this can be better that that that is nice. As if that is not enough you are telling everybody on your Facebook please read my blog please read my blog. We don’t want to read your project report only, what makes you think we want to read your blog? If you want to write means write Sriramajayam 108 times. Atleast some punyam will come for you.  
Then everybody wants to be photo grapher also. Everybody is buying big big camera and saying I am photo grapher I am photo grapher and taking pictures of cow, street lamp, dog and all. If you’re taking photo, at least take photo of nice looking people no? Cow, dog, road, leaf and all nobody wants to see. I don’t think cow only wants to see how it looks like in photo. You give it banana, it will be happy and bless you. Why can’t you be like that? Instead you are running around with camera. 
There is that twitter also. You are having twitter account na you are one Shashi Tharoor a? This much buildup you are giving there? If you have any news means you share. Instead you are tweeting tweeting all day saying aiyo my flush is not working aiyo my bladder is not working. Thoo. These ladies on twitter no? they are worst. I think they are having twitter account to talk to boys only. All the time they are giggling with someone or the other. You don’t even know what he looks like or what kind of family he is from, why do you want to giggle with him? Then talking openly about drinks also. Are you all not from good family? Simply talking with boys and putting scene as though you are one models when you are one attu piece. This is why Jeppiar College have iron bar in bus. They are correct because there is no culture only.  
Pah, and this is only the starting. There are other people who are actually accountant, manager, mechanic but putting music and singing and all. Everybody who has keyboard is AR Rahman a? Voice you have means you will sing a? Even dog has voice. Is it singing? Seriously I am asking. 
People these days are losing too much culture because of westerners. This I can be everything thinking is also western philosophy. They are seeing James Bond movie and thinking oh, I can also be like James Bond and drink drinks and run around with jetty girls. 
Thank God world is ending in 2012. 
Because there is a little tea party in all of us.