At the risk of sounding like all those text messages you were spammed with for the last three days, Happy New Year, everyone! Now I’m not usually a resolutions kind of person, but I have 3 resolutions for 2011, which I should hopefully be able to stick to, so here goes.

1. Write 
To be honest, I haven’t been writing as much as I should have. Maybe it’s because I think before I write anything now (which is a complete rarity by itself, I never think before I do anything. I usually do something and then think about why I ended up there which usually results in me concluding that I should think before I do something. It’s complicated) and blogging has gone from being enjoyable to something like writing an exam. So this year, I’m going to forget it all and go back to writing like I used to, writing like I want to. You have been warned.

2. Study
My CA final exam is up this May. Meet my syllabus.

Yea. I know.

3. Eat
I lost a lot of weight the last year. When people ask me how, I giggle and say the stress of doing CA got to me. It didn’t. (Warning! This is going to get mildly serious-boring-depressing.) The past year (and a bit of 2009) I had a bonafide eating disorder. It started out as depression induced (because I had been a pseudo-flunkie), and then it started giving everyone around me depression. I still don’t feel too comfortable to give complete details about what happened, because it’s something that I’m really not proud of. The amount of control the disorder has over you, is scary – to the point where you associate everything that’s important with being thin. After what has been a difficult year, I want to reclaim my appetite, and I want to eat without feeling remorse after every meal. Being thin doesn’t make you happy. Nutella does.