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5 Greatest English Dialogues in Tamil Cinema

[In no specific order]
I’m a bad man : Possibly one of the most overlooked, but also one of the most reeking-of-awesomeness dialogues in Tamil Movie history was Kannada Prabhakar’s “I’m a baaad man” in the epic Rajnikant movie Annamalai. There can be only one reason for the neglect of a dialogue that is so high in degree of badassness and that, is Thalaivar. The dialogue features in the climax scene of the most kvlt Rajnikant movie in Rajnikant movie history. No, really – Apart from making a fortune of billions (from being a broke milkman) within the span of 4 minutes by singing inspirational hard work song in a black background, Thalaivar gets the news that his ex-best-friend (Sarath jilpathalai Babu, as if you didn’t know that already!) is being beaten up by baddies. The moment he hears the news, he moves his feet from the sofa, picks up his sun glasses and gets up to save his ex-friend. THAT, is what people who see the movie remember, more than the dialogue. Do you see the way he moves his foot? The way he puts on those glasses? The way he stands up? Do you see it? See it again. You’ll understand why he is who he is. Thalaivar. He’s a baaad man.

Kannada Prabhakar’s elation is evident upon getting mentioned in chutneycase, and finally getting the publicity he deserves.


The man is a legend (cue for gaptun, gaptun chants). He has been a one man army, killer of terrorists using mere eye contact, the hidden gem of the Indian army, pigeon trainer and a pink blazer with leopard print shirt wearing fashion icon all IN THE SAME MOVIE. This particular dialogue stands for everything that is Gaptun – power, command and most importantly STYLE. See the way he enters into the scene with aplomb, and captures your attention with his rendition of the line “Yeny odhar inbarmayson pass it to me” and displays his mad geographical knowledge of India by citing regions like Banchkula. Did you even know there was a Banchkula before Gaptun said so? Touch your heart. If you were aware, then you either wrote the dialogues in the movie or you’re a cold hearted liar. Notice the authority in his voice when he says “Mister Asog” and the extreme strategic skyllz when he asks his subordinate to “block all yentry points espesally from Delhi locayson”. But the piece de resistance (and I’m sure Mr.Asog will agree, aam sir) has to be Gaptun’s execution of “Eieieidowhatisay”. The greatness of this dialogue is naturally the tone – casual, but commanding. Friendly, but professional. Don’t be surprised if Eieieidowhatisay is included in Harvard’s MBA syllabus soon.


3. What a Man.

Rajni takes his shirt off. ‘Nuff said.

4. Catch my point?

What’s a list on English dialogues in Tamil movies without Kamal Haasan? His expertise in the language has still not been matched by any actor in the industry. He’s had his fair share of english dialogues, but the most famous and perhaps most quoted dialogue would be “catch my point?” from his greatest comedy film of all time, Michael Madana Kama Rajan. The dialogue, like the movie is a classic and somehow, never gets old. You…catch my point?

5. Start Meesic

Goundamani is one man who always had the best lines. Somehow, his newer roles these days don’t have the bite that classic Goundamani did, and Suriyan is as classic Gounder as classic Gounder can get. His “comedy track” had no relevance to the actual story, thus complying with Tamil Cinema rules, and not surprisingly, became the sole reason for the film’s success. 90% of the people who saw Suriyan won’t remember the hero or the heroine or the plot. They will only remember Gounder. I doubt any other movie had as many phrases quoted from it (including “Who is that disturbance” “Arasiyalla idhelaam sagajam appa!” and “Sathyasodhanai“) like this one did, thus making it the starting point of the Tamil pop culture movement and Gounder its founding father. Wokay-nga publics, enough talking. Press play button, start meesic!

Honourable Mentions:
1. Sing in the rain – Vadivelu
2. Sorry for the interruption, this is only my introduction – TR
3. Do you underwear? – Thalaivar(Note the usage of the word “jalsa” as well)


Pregnancy, apparently, is a more popular topic than “sreesanth slapped by harbhajan video”.

 We were searching for “sneezing remedies”. Honest.

I like how trisha bathroom video just breaks the monotony from the other train related suggestions.

Indian men are a nervous lot, clearly.
Something tells me that the “blue film” doesn’t refer to the one with Akshay Kumar in it. 

As you can see, I didn’t really have much work at work today.

Dial M for Murugappan – A Shenoy

“Gentlemen, please. We’re not handling an ordinary man here – not only did he blow up 250 civilians and 4 police officers, but the man still has the gall to act like he did the government a favour!”

“Did he squeal yet?”

“Which is our problem. We’ve tried everything. We tasered him yesterday, and well, he started laughing. He seems to be more wary of Salimbhai’s biriyani than he is of us”

“The man is key, officer. You do understand that. He holds privy to information that could bust the entire terrorist network not just in India, but internationally.”

“Yes sir, and hence we tried everything. Perhaps we need something different. Something that’s unconventional. Something that’ll have him co-operate. Something that’s….”


Murugappan. He was no ordinary Police Officer. He was a force below the Vindhyas. Now think of a man, who not only handled criminals like one handles mosquitoes, possessed a voice that could silence anyone within a 10 kilometre radius but also bore an uncanny resemblance to Vijaykant.

Are you scared?
So are we.

When the man talked, people would listen. Even when he burped, people would listen. And so National Security, when sent an order from this great man, could do little other than despatch their most wanted prisoner to an interior town in Tamil Nadu.

When the aforementioned accused met Murugappan, he was amused. But our man was not.
“Tell me who you work for, and I’ll make this easy for you.”

A sneer spread on the terrorist’s face.

“Really? You think you can just ask me a question and I’ll give you an answer?”

“I’ll ask you one more time. Tell me who you work for. “

“Is that really the best you can do?”

This time, Murugappan sneered. He switched on the device and turned up the knob. And Murugappan knew, he knew that nothing could have prepared the terrorist for what he was made to go through for the next 180 minutes.

The next day, the terrorist was found dead – he had committed suicide, not before writing down all his confessions, and exposing his entire ring.

National Security was in complete awe.

“How?” they chorused.

Murugappan only smiled.

“You see gentlemen – where there’s a Villu, there’s a way.”

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