Ideally I should have had a really funny story to tell you guys and somehow sneaked this bit of news in, but ideal is not happening at the moment so here goes – My blog got nominated for Funniest Indiblog of the Year. I know what you’re thinking and yea, I’m as clueless as you guys as to how exactly this happened (maybe, Indiblogger was trying to assert their personal sense of humour by adding me to the list).

At this juncture, its pretty clear where I stand – the same place Kenya did when they qualified for the semi-finals in the World Cup in 2003 (Worthy of Ripley’s Believe It Or Not, yea?).

But I’m standing, and if I’m representing one half of humanity, I guess I must have done SOMETHING right.

You can vote for me, here. [Most humourous Indiblog category]

Thank You!

After reading this, I felt I should say a bit about what I write, exactly. My posts are generally about the planet’s most happening people, like my grandmother (she’s been happening for the past 80 years) and I also provide some extreme reporting about events most people don’t have access to (like my father’s 4th cousin’s grandson’s wedding) not to mention some random bursts of high class wit (Which explorer got featured in the Mahabharata? Vasco Da Bheema!).
But yes, I try to make people smile, mostly at my own expense. Variety is not exactly my biggest strength – if you’ve been reading this blog, you’d notice how the central theme of almost every post is my (sometimes dysfunctional) parents.
I am openly amazed that I even got shortlisted, what with the worship-worthy Son Of Bosey and quite possibly the funniest man in India, Mr.Shenoy (My money’s on these guys).
I admit. I know I’m not as funny as them, I know my chances of “winning” this is as good as the women’s bill being passed in the Parliament. But I also know, that I am the prettiest girl on that list. 😀