Month: October 2009

Halloween latest addition in Panjangam

In a rather expected turn of events today, famed astrologer Sri Sri VellayurPanayur Narayanan Swami announced that Halloween had been officially included in the Panjagam*. Upon further enquiry as to the addition, he retorted “Are you freakin’ kiddin’ me? Do you have any idea how many Halloween parties I’ve been invited to this year? It’s the event of the year, man! I mean the only thing that comes as close is the 4th of July fireworks show.”

When asked if there was any opposition, Sri Sri confided that the only issue was that Iyengars wanted to celebrate Halloween on a different day than the others. “Like thats surprising! But once I get the final confirmation, I can get on with the most crucial step – editing the wiki page for panjagam. Oh how long I’ve been dreaming of this moment.” he finished tearfully.

Public reactions to this addition have also been positive. “Finally!” remarked Sachchu Maami, noted DD Podhigai “Samayal Samayal” chef. “That Ambujam went to America to see her daughter for one month and all she could talk about was Halloween! About time we get to celebrate it as well!” she said as she was picking up her Wonder Woman costume.

“Just another publicity stunt this is. What reaction do they expect from us?” opined SP Raju, President of Nageshwar Rao Park Pensioners Club. “But if they’re going to put special programmes all day on Siripoli, I don’t mind, hehe” He added quickly, and went on to discuss about Ramya Krishnan’s moving performance in the previous day’s episode of Thangam with the other members.

Upon other Halloween related news in Chennai, T.Rajendar was given “Best costume award” at a Halloween party when in reality he had been protesting against the event. “Pogo channel shows Mr.Bean, Unakku edhukku da Halloween?” he shouted, raising an alarmingly logical question as he proceeded to accuse that Halloween was “suppressing oppressing and depressing the people of Chennai”. However, he calmed down considerably after being given his prize. “Sorry for the interruption, that was only my introduction. This may be prize, but it is not a surprise.” he grinned, dazzling everyone with mad rhyme skyllz. “Back when I was making my blockbusters, apart from being the director, actor, producer, scriptwriter, story writer, dialogue writer, music director, choreographer,tea boy, I was the one who also designed the costumes”. He declared, and left much before anybody could ask him how exactly he had put together his very realistic Gorilla costume.

Also seen making a hasty exit was Actor Vijay who had in fact won second prize for his mechanic costume. Sources say that when his name was announced, he went “But I’m not wearin’ a fuckin’ costume!” before randomly screaming “Ei!” at a press-photographer.

*Panjagam – Traditional Hindu Calendar


Don’t ask me what the title is supposed to mean, I have no clue. Now that we’ve got that sorted out with, we shall continue with the programme, which is, the month long update of my life that no one really asked for.

I have been busy. Very bery busy. Work killing me would be an understatement, but it wouldn’t be true either, cause I’m actually alive. So much for exaggeration. But the past month saw plenty of goof ups, the kind which were so abysmal that they could only be categorized as “long term learning experiences”. I only wish I wasn’t made to learn so much at such a short span of time.

Speaking of learning, the father decided that the consequence of the Costing/Financial Management fiasco would be me re-attending the class, except I go to a different teacher now, SP.
SP is everything that Pattu Sir wasn’t, and probably never will be. He encourages mugging, doesn’t believe in extra information/general knowledge and calls concepts ‘buck-buck’.
To cut a long story short, he’s my new God (He’s an all India FIRST ranker, so shush!).

Class (we have 4 hour sessions in the evenings and 2 hour sessions in the mornings) and work took up all my time last month, so much so that I didn’t even have the time to for what is definitely one of my favourite festivals, Navrathri. This year, I couldn’t visit even one house for Golu. I actually missed the Oh-do-you-sing-hehe-no-I-don’t-sing-oh-try-singing-hehe-no-if-I-sing-all-the-golu-dolls-will-run-away-ho-ho-ho-what-a-funny-girl ritual at every house I would frequent. But judging from the number of plastic assortments (mostly useless) that have invaded our kitchen almirah this month, I could say with confidence that it went well.

Upon other inconsequential news, I am on study leave now. Which means I should be studying. But I’m not, and it really makes me so mad. And when I’m mad, I can get pretty violent and who knows, I might end up doing something drastic, like exercise.

Impossible happenings apart, today is Bapu’s birthday. Plenty of 8th standard English Essay Competition (500 words) have wondered about the state of India had Bapu-ji managed to stay alive and had a look at India today. All I can say is, we should be thankful that he isn’t, cause the situation is such that it would make a man like Gandhi become a fake Armani T-shirt wearing terrorist.

What can I say, except Non-Violence? Its gone, di.