Month: September 2009

Right Round

I spin my head right round, right round when I go down, when I go down, down. Or get up for that matter. Or walk around. Not to mention I seem to permanently afflicted with nausea. I have no idea what is apparent reason, but I think I can say with reasonable conviction that it was the shady Malabar Barotta I had for dinner yesterday.

Thanks to my present condition, I couldn’t go for my 6.00 am tax class because I’m pretty sure the tax prof wouldn’t appreciate puke as a valid input, no matter how enthusiastic it is. Not to mention my mother who thinks that the only trip I’m capable of making today is to the bathroom.

My head spins, my stomach is a butterfly battlefield and I can’t think straight.

I’m never falling in love.


In the Dark Knight movie that is my life, cost accounting turned out to be the Joker. Why so serious? Yea, because it sucks to flunk the second group after getting too-good-to-be-true marks in the first [73 in law and 60 in auditing, bitch!], not to mention a big fat surplus to carry forward, had it not been for the teensy fact that the institute decided to curve our results and made cost accounting the scape goat.

I had been wary of costing from the beginning, so I guess it wasn’t much of a surprise, but there were plenty of people who used to tell me stuff like “Ya ya, you’ll say like this only, but you’ll pass off” before the results came. So I guess, there’s more than just grammar that has to be corrected there. I’m actually confused about how to feel cause half the people I met today congratulated me for clearing the first group while the other half condoled me as if I had lost my nose in a tragic bike accident.

The one thing I am sure of, is that this result is no indicator of my intelligence or awesomeness. Just that I hadn’t planned as well as I should have. They also tell me that the result has been tres miserable this time. Only 4% totally passed in both groups. But as far as I’m concerned, that’s no excuse. I’m glad that this came as a lesson in the right time to get my act together and clear the second group. Which I will. This November.

To Chartered Accountancy, and beyond.

If you’re not aware, the CA intermediate exam is in 2 parts – the first group and the second group, consisting of 3 papers each.
The first group consists of accounts, law and auditing.
The second group consists of cost accounting, tax and infotech/strategic management.
Each group requires 40% in every individual paper, but an overall average of 50%. [150 on 300 per group and 300/600 overall]. I’d write about the mammoth syllabus but there’s not enough space here.