Month: May 2009

Studied and Saw..

Just wanted to stop by and dust a few cobwebs.

Exam to start in 2 days and here I am, without a worry in the world. I’m telling you, this is not me at all, usually I end up breaking a couple of blood vessels, throw a few things around, create mini nuclear explosions etc. However this time around I am totally stress free.
I think its the approach, I have become very Rajnikanth these days, quoting meaningless himalayan philosophies everywhere I go, much to my mother’s annoyance. Truth be told, she’s more scared of the exam than I am.
I don’t see the point though, examination is just a process, and this time I’m studying purely for the knowledge and not for passing.
I’ll study to pass in my next attempt I think.
Wish me luck anyway! Will be back June 12th 🙂
PS: Just in case you were wondering, the title of this post is inspired by a popular tamil song which has been my motto through out the holidays.

More bad translation (due to fear of chappal throwing, which seems to
be on its way to becoming an olympic sport, only the first stanza has been translated)

Studied and saw didnt get in head

Drunk and saw then i was well read
Smiled and saw, she said no no
Stared and saw, then she wanted to go!
Inspired, I know.

When pigs fly

For the tamilically challenged:
A wayward punch dialogue made by Superstar Rajnikanth about how pigs are individuality lacking creatures spurs the swinedom into avenging the insult. The result, swine flu.