Month: July 2008


Paati and my Mom were having major gripes about my hair ever since I disappeared one saturday afternoon and came back with short hair. Anything that happens, they blame my haircut. Even if I get a stomach ache, they manage to find a way to connect it to the haircut. A couple of days back, I proudly told them that my hair fall has come down considerably, since the comb was coming out pretty clean, unlike before when my hair used to drop by the clumps (disturbing, I know).

“Mudi irundha dhaana kottardhukku” guffawed my grandmother.

(Only if there’s hair, there can be hairfall)

“Haiyyo, aama ma, ippove ipdi na, ava Inter exam ezhudhambodhu sottaiyaaduva.” my very, concerned mother, interrupted.

(Haiyyo, yes ma, If its like this now, she’ll become bald by the time she writes her Inter exam” )

“Apdina kalyanam pannikudukambodhu mottaiya?”

(Oh so when she gets married, she won’t have any hair left? )

“Perumaale! Apdi laam solladha ma! Motta ponnukku epdi na payyan paakardhu?”

(“God! Don’t say stuff like that ma! How can I find a suitable boy for a bald daughter?”)

“Pesaama andha Buddhist-o gudhdhist-o, Burma-la irupaale, mottaiya, andha maari oru payyana dhaan paakanum. Budhdhist-la Iyengar pasanga irupaa la? Iyer budhdhist kuda ok.”

(Why don’t we hitch her to one of those budhdhist-gudhdhists in Burma or something…they’re all bald no? And are there Iyengars in these budhdhists? Iyer Budhdhist is also okay” )

Don’t you just love family?

Something nice

I went to office today in an auto. After I had signed in the attendance, made small talk with the receptionist (apparently he was having a lot of work transferring calls) and went upstairs to the articles area to catch up on the office gossip with my seniors, I got a call from the ground floor. The absent minded monkey that I am,  I had left my lunch in the auto and the auto guy had actually returned it. I was really surprised and before I could thank him, he had left.
I like days when something nice happens unexpectedly, it makes me feel special.

“Na madras auto kaaranangalaam kettavangannu sollala. Nallavangala irundha nalla irukkumnnu solren.”


Chennai Autowallahs

Jaane tu…!

Just finished watching the movie, I don’t care what people say but I loved every minute of it. I have such a huge grin on my face! Apart from the fact that Imran Khan made me melt every time he came on screen, the movie was fresh, funny and incredibly cute.
I think the best part of the movie is the fact that it makes you want to be part of a romance as genuine as Jai’s and Aditi’s. I am so sure that hereafter if I ever get a chance to run after a certain special someone who decides to apdiye leave me and go to someplace far away I will also run to the airport and sing – Jaaane tuu….ya jaaaane na!
And yes, I am so high!

The Week in Pictures

Behold, the SENSEX. Our client office (PNB House, PM Road) was a stone’s throw away from the core of Indian Business. The manager was only too happy to take us there and was polite enough to not laugh when we went on a snapping frenzy. It’s not everyday when you see the building which is the main cause of premature balding among Indian men today.

The view from our hotel room’s balcony – The Brabourne Stadium. My room mate was pretty apprehensive though, more so because the view from our senior’s room was fantastic, directly facing Marine Drive. We consoled ourselves saying we would wake up to a place where Tendulkar has hit centuries whereas they had to wake up to mushy couples doing their thing oblvious to the Uncle-jis and Aunty-jis huffing and puffing along Marine Drive.

Marine Drive at Night. We’d come back from office at around 7.45 pm and (actually the staff there would drive us out) get back only at around midnight after dinner. Marine Drive is the best place to waste time. While my colleagues would go on a picture taking spree I’d just sit there and tune out, in an attempt to figure out life, the universe and everything. Ofcourse, knowing me and my course of thoughts, I invariably ended up giggling, which I’m sure would have creeped my colleagues out to no end. But it is definitely the place to be, safe in the late hours and even if you don’t figure out the meaning of life or where your life is heading, it temporarily takes you to a world where there is no hassle, no problems and no complications. Although its not permanent, its nice.

Gateway of India. When we went there, it wasn’t the most impressive of sights, especially because renovation work was going on. We spent close to an hour here, trying to find a Bhelpuri guy who was apparently featured in the Times of India. Our mission was unsuccessful but we were after Bhel with a vengeance. Finally we spotted one Bhel fellow in Colaba. Even though it wasn’t the best, we were strangely happy. Bhel does these things to you.
I loved every single detail in the Taj Mahal hotel. It’s something else. Right from the historical background to the Top designer stores inside it today, it screams Bombay!
No trip to Bombay is complete without the pigeons!
My first trip on the infamous trains of Bombay. Figuring out the Mumbai city railway systemwas quite an ordeal but I’m really glad I did take a ride on them. It was great. And I’m really proud of this picture, I was at my inconspicuous best when I took it. Apart from the aunty staring into my phone as I took it and the kid in the queue who kept pointing at me as though I’m some kind of terrorist, nobody noticed!

Leopold’s! For all the hype about how it’s been around since 1871 and the Shantaram mention, I found the food to be remarkably average. The coke in my coke float was warm. But the grilled sandwich was ok. I managed to go to Leopold’s twice. The first time, my cousin V (Yes Adi, V is for V only) took me there for dinner. The pasta was also decent. Service was kind of lousy though. We totally embarrassed ourselves singing along with the music that was playing. Our rendition of “Hero” was particularly sidesplitting, it was actually intended to be cruel and unusual punishment to the cafe for bringing our garlic bread 45 minutes late.

I love the taxis of Bombay. The rickety Fiat cars were our lifeline there. And they use the meter! At this juncture, isn’t it the same petrol prices prevailing across the country? Then how is it that it’s only in Namma Chennai that meters ‘kattupadiagaadhu’? Go figure!

Home & dry. Nothing quite like the smell of Madras garbage to arouse the senses into embracing your hometown now is there?


18 years of existence. Correction. 18 years, 3 months, 3 and a half weeks counting.

It’s all a big blur.

Its not any clearer. A year has gone by already?
Yes, Chutneycase celebrates its first birthday today. Truth be told, this is not my first blog. I deleted my old blog which had a fanbase of its own (16 year old lalu was quite the laugh riot) because, well, uh, I don’t know. It was called “The Evil Autorickshaw” (Catchy, yea?). I was not going to take up writing again but yes, I couldn’t let my public down so I started over (actually I was kinda pushed back into it). Long story, but here I am!

I took up blogging after my Aththimber introduced me to it. My first few posts were obviously terrible. They would hardly last 5 lines, mainly because I didn’t know what to write but I wanted to write anyway. I think people found it funny because it was the “laugh at” and not the “laugh with” variety.
But it made people laugh, which was enough for me. It grew into an addiction and I’m happy to observe that it still is.

After what has been a pretty eventful year, I would like to congratulate all my readers for their superior sense of humour and impeccable taste. If you’re a fan, I don’t blame you. Its really hard to not fall for my conditioned wit, loaded charm, seasoned intelligence and not to mention my super cuteness and most importantly my modesty.

To a fresh first year and many more to come!


I feel awful. My best friend of 16 years and Rowdy par extraordinaire, K, is leaving to Australia for her UG today. No more of K’s unabashed honesty, in your face comments and unadulterated craziness for the next 3 years. (Apparently her coming in the summer is not too sure because she has to work there for a bit. )

I mean, when me and G went to her house to say goodbye we were all cheerful-cheerful, we even made so much fun of her, but only when we left her place did we feel so terrible. In fact, G is putting dum alone in his terrace right now, like one love-failure case.

I hate this, why am I the one who has to say goodbye all the time?

Aren’t there rules to such things? They can’t all leave me and go in such a short time span!

Who will I hang out with now?
Who will give me company to make fun of random people on the road?
Who’s going to spur me into doing nutcase things?
Who can I safely complain to about everyone else in the planet?

Curses to all you Lalu-abandoning International UG students!


I need a hug.