Havent been here for a while, so here are the highlights of my, ahem, most momentous week.

What I did?

Tried to wash to my coffee stained white kurta. It was a super pretty kurta, and I didn’t trust my maid with it. So I took a brave decision to wash it myself.
Hey, I got 94% in my board exams, a rather decent IQ of 133, how hard could figuring out a washing machine be? Plus that coffee stain was really pissing me off.
I put the kurta in, turned the knob to a 90 degree celsius wash, put in two scoopfuls of Surf Excel and Vanish Shakti O2 (since I REALLY wanted that stain out).
15 minutes later, I come back to the place where the washing machine is only to be confronted with foam all over the place.
Glorious white foam. Glorious, steaming hot, white foam.

That is Why:
I had to use a bedsheet to clean up the whole mess. The mop wasn’t enough. Plus I got a lecture on wasting water, electricity and another dozen of the planets resources. On the bright side, the stain isn’t there anymore.

Good Question:
Who knew that 2 scoops of detergent were for a minimum 4 kg load?
Also, who knew that it was written on the back of detergent container?
They ought to write it where it can really be seen, like the detergent scoop.

What I did?:
Asked permission to go home from work. I had to talk to one of the partners, namely the scary-lady boss. I went into the room, with a bunch of meaningless papers in my hand and was beginning to open my mouth when she goes “It ees bayseec deeseeplinn to breeng paypers eenn a fayile.”
When I tried to open my mouth to say that those papers didn’t have any significance, she goes “Aye theenk you unndarstaand whaat deeseeplinn means?”

That is Why:
I had to go up and down and find a file and show it to her after which she gives me instructions like I’m one 3 year old, and delays me for about half an hour.

Good Question:
How do I get myself into these things?

What I did?
My mother’s arthritis knee was giving her trouble, so she asked me to get my breakfast from my grandmother. Breakfast that day was dosa and I was feeling particularly enthusiastic that day so I decided I would help. My grandmother has nicely poured the batter and spread it properly. I went in to the kitchen, gave one look at the tawa and decided that dosa was ready to be flipped. I was wrong.

That is Why:
I went on digging at a partly cooked dosa, which was partly stuck on to the tawa. But I’m not someone who gives up easily, am I? So I went on digging, until the dosa wasnt a dosa anymore, it was just bits of uncooked batter. I had so much of enthu, that i still wanted to flip the horribly torn dosa. And I did. After which, 1/4th of the dosa was still stuck into the tawa. The other 3/4th was on the floor, in a variety of amusing shapes. And one small bit got stuck to the electric chimney that was on top of the stove.
No prizes for guessing who spent half an hour trying to take out the stubborn-burnt-not-coming-off-tawa dosa.

Good Question:
Why do Dosas hate me?