[I wrote this review in my first blog, The Evil Autorickshaw. Now its back on popular request and also to help a friend who will be seeing this epic movie shortly]
Vijaya T Rajendhar is back with his latest offering to us quality-movie-ridden souls : VEERASAMY (Although it would have been more apt to title the movie as “Brother Bear” ) It contains all the necessary ingredients of his trademark movies – A] Himself – as the swashbuckling, righteous, witty, educated, strong, back-belti-doing, karate kicking, never shaving MLA who goes on these random sprees in the city to “correct” the wrongdoers and bring justice to the poor & problem having. He is accompanied by 2 sidekicks constantly, and one of them (Santhanam, of all people! We can only hope he was drunk when he accepted this part) is armed with a camera making TR this mobile tehelka. For example, when a traffic policeman tells the commuter, “konjam vettu”, TR appears from nowhere (which is quite a feat considering his size) and cuts the policeman’s arm with his trusty aruval. When the police guy squeals in pain, TR tells him “nee dhanapa vettunnu sonna, adhanaala vettinaen” and walks the walk while the commuter guy is left wondering about who/what he is. Another time, there is a man who is pissing on the road even after reading the sign saying “siruneer pogadheer”. TR once again jumps into the frame from nowhere and pisses on him!! His reason? There is no sign on the man’s pants saying “don’t piss”! TR thus amazes the audience with his incredible logic and social message. B] Thangachee – The sun rises in the east. Delhi is the capital of India. The sky is blue. Therefore, TR will have thangachee who is nearly 20 years younger, doesn’t resemble him even one inch and will be the sole purpose of his existence. Hence proved. C] Kaadhal – TR’s lady love is none other than Mumtaj. They share a Punidhamaana kaadhal, (peer louwe/pure love) which means she has to keep removing her dhawani in his presence, give him lusty smiles, use his poster as a bedsheet, share a bathtub of aarogya paal, tattoo his name on her chest, steal his soap and use it with aching desire and (this one is the ultimate) drink the water that drips from his beard like “perumal theertham”. GIVE HER THE OSCAR ALREADY!! D] Meesic – TR is the music director of this movie, need I say more? It is like a bhagavatar padam, with songs every two minutes. The re-recording is also of the same quality – the bg music is the same line in different tempos/tunes (avaru mood-a capture panraaram) – “unna kaadhalika oru aayiram paer varuvaanga, aana ennamattum neenga yen therndhetitheenga” TR dancing is the highlight of this movie. One can see that he is quite a trained belly dancer considering his thoppai has a life of its own when he’s dancing. The movie is 150 minutes. If you come out after seeing the whole thing, congratulations. You are truly made up of strong stuff. The city is being run by a corrupt dhadha minister. He is spurred by his keep, Rousu-Rani (the only woman who can give our jackpot Khushboo competition in wearing wacky saree blouses), to try and do some KD things in Veerasamy’s area. His assistants warn him of our jambavan but the minister turns a deaf ear to them. Rouserani comes to his thogudhi but is left insulted by TR who bashes up her rowdies and comes up with his own version of petta-rap : ey, nee porandhadhu pudhupettai
valarndhadhu vannarampettai
sight-adichadhu saidapettai
kalyanam pannadhu kannamapettai
Raid aanadhu Ranipettai
Unga aathalukku kaaryam pannadhu chromepettai Etc etc which displays TR’s geographical knowledge of our city. TR is the much respected MLA in his thogudhi and spouts wisdom to all his loyal katchi-kaarans every two minutes and is on a mission to make India the most prosperous country in the world. He is noble and has great respect for his traditions, so much so that he doesn’t allow his thangachee to wear to jeans to college. However, his sister falls in love with the “cool dude” of her college – Arun, a guy (I’m actually not too sure about that) who has a broken natraj pencil going through one of his ears (and thus amplifying his coolness). He is actually Rouserani’s brother, hence causing kozhappam in kudumbam. However, it just so happens that the “glaymer gul” of college, Meghna Naidu is also after him. She wears only itty bitty clothes to college and has hundreds of guys behind her although she wants only Arun. She is the minister’s daughter, gets away with anything that she wants and says stuff like “daddee, enakku idhu veynoooo!” . Charming. TR is facing problems of his own, though with a Veeramami living opposite his house. She is Mumtaj’s mummy who is trying to force her into the family business. Hence veerasamy has to constantly save Mumtaj from perils and romance her. TR however does not commit himself even after sharing the bathtub (they were dreams remember??) and takes a promise from her to never commit suicide. In fact, the theatre people must get a hint from this scene and ask the audience (if any) to not commit suicide before they proceed to watch the movie. Mumtaj is married off by her mummy to the new MLA and leaves our hero in shambles. Mr.Mumtaj and TR contest in elections but TR loses. So TR gives himself morale boost by comparing himself to Sachin Tendulkar. (Ignorance is bliss, truly) Now, due to kudumba prachanais, TR’s thangachee’s and Arun’s marriage don’t go according to plan. This is basically because RouseRani loses in a game of musical chairs with TR during the engagement. So TR will conduct his sister’s marriage with a “handsome” doctor boy whom he prevented from going to the US because he has to do sevai for country (this doctor boy is none other than Rajiv, a PSBBian, Std XII C, batch of 2002-2003…..ack!) However, Meghna Naidu thirundhifies (after rolling with Arun on the bed) and oppadichifies him back to TR’s family. Now TR is in the state of great mental trauma and starts crying, leaving the audience in splits. However, he decides that he is a “veeran” and goes out to kill all those bullies of the minister’s. He then decides that he has to save energy for his sister’s marriage and simply removes his veshti, thus leaving the thugs dead on the spot. His dhoti also falls on Mumtaj (fresh from murdering her hubby), who also dies, naatham thaangamudiyaama. When actual samandhis reach the spot, TR is faced with a barrage of questions that he cannot answer and drops dead. Such is the acting of TR that even after dying, he is able to give expression. “A film by Vijaya T Rajendhar” Me and my father cheer. Turns out we are the only two people left in the theatre. Note: Kindly do not watch this movie if you have heart problems, BP etc. I cannot guarantee
that you will be alive after seeing it.

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  1. Hw dare u criticise our thanayathalaivar…..i didnt see that movie…but brings laugh while reading this review….but pls keep it short….keep rocking..

  2. my face underwent a thousand twitches jus imagining the scenes based on this critique… karadi has created a whole new genre of movies… they are spoofs of all spoofs that could be ever made…and no movie can ever surpass the sheer brilliance of such an actor/director/composer/lyricist…. simbu of course is next in line… but can he live up to his father's image????

  3. Hey!!

    you might be taken aback with my mail of this calibre!!! actually supporting TR. You don't believe if I say that I was a fan of TR once…oscar AR in one of his interviews said TR influenced him to take film music!! I feel nothing is more tragic than a wasted talented… For tamil films the greatest tragedy is sure shot TR… He is a damn good composer and great lyricist…. His early compositions had rhythm and early lyrics had imagination to its core… he lost both and miscalculated that his wordplay will count in his worldplay… and started becoming crappy like dol dol digiri dol vada macha kathirikolu… 😉

    Enough said… he has his share of masterpieces… below are some of his lyrics… get the essence of his imagination… he tasted success till he had poetry in him and he lost it to his age and subsequently lost what he earned…

    In our schooldays three of us were relishing TRs poetry… that might be because of our age and adolescence and he was good at romance and has his magniloquence in that… but we were enjoying thoroughly… I mailed one of those friends after seeing your mail… he mailed back with some of his lyrics which are also added below …

    விழிகள் மேடையாம் இமைகள் திரைகளாம்
    காதல் நாடகம் அரங்கில் ஏறுதாம்


    பூபாள ராகம் பூ பாடும் நேரம்
    தாகம் கொண்ட ஓடை தாளம் போடும் வேளை
    தடாகம் குதித்திட தாமரை குளித்ததம்மா
    வெள்ளி நிற மீன்களும் வெளி வந்து ரசித்ததம்மா


    அலைகளின் நாட்டியம் கரை இதுதான்
    இலைகளின் நாட்டியம் கிளை இதுதான்
    இவைகளும் ஆட இயற்கையும் பாட
    இறைவா உன் கற்பனை
    வியக்கும் என் சிந்தனை


    பாதத்தை வைத்தால் பழங்கதை
    சொல்லும் சருகுகளே
    பறவையைப் பார்த்தால் மனதினில்
    முளைக்குது சிறகுகளே


    பூத்தால் மலரும் உதிரும் -நெஞ்சில்
    பூத்தாள் உதிரவில்லை
    நிலவும் தேய்ந்து வளரும்
    அவள் நினைவோ தேய்வதில்லை


    தண்ணீரிலே மீன் அழுதால் கண்ணீரைத்தான் யாரறிவார்!


    இது குழந்தை பாடும் தாலாட்டு
    இது இரவு நேர பூபாளம்
    இது மேற்கில் தோன்றும் உதயம்
    இது நதியில்லாத ஓடம்


    கருவண்டு நடனம் புரிகின்ற நளினம் இதயத்தில் சலனம்
    அவள் மைவிழி குளத்தினில் தவழ்வது மீனினமோ
    கவி கண்டிட மனதினில் கமழ்வது தமிழ் மனமோ
    செம்மாந்த மலர்கள் அன்னாந்து பார்க்கும் உன் காந்த விழிகள்
    ஒரு ஏகாந்த ராகம் தெம்மாங்கில் பாட ஏதேதோ குயில்கள்
    மழையில் நனையும் மேகக் குழல்கள் தாகம் தீர்த்திடுமோ
    பூவில் மோத பாதம் நோக நெஞ்சம் தாங்கிடுமோ

    மாதுளை இதழாள் மாதவி எழிலாள் மாங்கனி நிறத்தாள்
    செவ்வாழையின் மென்மையை மேனியில் கொண்டவளே
    இருள் காடெனும் கூந்தலை இடைவரை கண்டவளே
    நூல் தாங்கும் இடையால் கால் பார்க்க நடக்க நெளிகின்ற நளினம்
    மத்தாளத்தை போல தேகத்தை ஆக்கும் குழல்கட்டை ஜாலம்
    பாவை சூடும் ஆடை கூட பெருமை கொள்ளுமடி
    தேவை உந்தன் சேவை என்று இதழ்கள் ஊறுமடி இதழ் கள் ஊறுமடி


    தடாகத்தில் மீனின்று காமத்தில் தடுமாறி தாமரை பூமீது விழுந்தனவோ
    இதைக் கண்ட வேகத்தில் பிரம்மனும் மோகத்தில்
    படைத்திட்ட பாகம் தான் உன் கண்களோ?
    காற்றில் அசைந்து வரும் நந்தவனத்திற்கிரு கால்கள் முளைத்ததென்று நடைபோட்டாள்

    சந்தன கிண்ணத்தில் குங்குமச் சங்கமம் அரங்கேற அதுதானே உன் கன்னம்
    மேகத்தை மணந்திட வானத்தில் சுயம்வரம் நடத்திடும் வானவில் உன் வண்ணம்


    நளினத்தைக் காட்டும் நளினி
    நலுங்காமல் வருவதை கவனி
    ரசனையைத் தூண்டும் ரதி நீ
    நாள் தோறும் வருவேன் பவனி
    நான் நாள் தோறும் வருவேன் பவனி


    அமுதம் என்ற சொல்லை ஆராய்ச்சி செய்ய அவனியில் அவளே அவதாரம்


  4. I just watched this movie reently ( jobless engg that I am…..)

    awesome reviews by you….i could actually relate everythin uve written here to the movie scenes…..

    laughter riot movie & your review

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