My name is Lavanya Mohan, and I am a Chartered Accountant and Freelance Writer from Chennai, India.

I write primarily about Lifestyle, Travel, Social Media, Mythology, Books, Television, Pop Culture and Personal Finance. My writing has been published in Elle India, Architectural Digest, India Today, Outlook (Web), and The Hindu, among other publications. I’ve also been a contributor with Buzzfeed and PopXO. You can see the full list of my work that has been published, here.

I presently write a column on the latest and greatest in Television with The Hindu, titled “Spoiler Alert”. You can read my column and the shows I’ve reviewed, here.

I began writing (rambling is more accurate) on my blog, Chutneycase, way back in 2007. My blog continues to be a religiously updated log of all the ways I’ve embarrassed myself as well as observations and other stories about my mostly uneventful life. You can read it here.

You can reach me for any enquiries through email: lavs [dot] mohan [at] gmail [dot] com.